What You Should Know About Cribbing Timbers

ARLumber - What You Should Know About Cribbing Timbers

If you are planning a heavy construction project, you probably need a temporary structure to provide support. Cribbing timbers are the ideal solution. These temporary structures can be built as large and tall as you need, and you can adjust them as your project takes shape. Here is what you need to know about using cribbing timbers for your upcoming project. 

Different Types of Cribbing Timbers

There are several different types of cribbing timbers you can use for a project. The most common type is a box crib, which you build by putting two blocks of wood on the ground parallel to one another. Then, you add another layer of blocks perpendicular to the first set. If you have limited space to construct your structure, you can make a triangle or A-frame crib. 

Wedges or shims are other types of cribbing that you might find on a construction site. These can be put in place to add bracing to building components to prevent movement or create slight angling that might be needed for a construction platform to achieve stability. 

Choosing the Wood for Your Cribbing Timbers

The type of wood you use for your cribbing is essential. Wood that tends to be brittle that might split or snap under heavy weights is a poor choice for this application. A hardwood that provides better stability is the best choice. It will also make significant noise if there are stress issues due to too much weight, so you have plenty of notice before there is any type of failure in the cribbing structure. It can’t be stressed enough that having quality wood for your cribbing timbers should be a priority for the safety of your workers and the integrity of your project and heavy equipment. 

Building Your Cribbing Timbers Safety

When building your cribbing, you want to make sure you have a structure that is as stable as possible. If you are building a common box crib, the height of your cribbing timbers should be no more than three times the width of the structure. If it’s taller than this, the crib could become dangerous. Also, the overhang, which is the area where pieces overlap each other, should not exceed four inches. 

Let Us Help!

If you’re unsure about whether you need this type of support for your next project or would like to order the materials for cribbing, we can help. Since 1952, Ashley River Lumber has been providing the Lowcountry with quality wood products and lumber from 30 different wood species. 

We offer the right products for your cribbing needs and would be happy to consult on your upcoming project. For more information, give us a call at 843-873-2071, visit our Ridgeville location, or contact us online for a quote. 

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