Table Tops, Bar Tops, and Islands

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Slabs for Table Tops, Bar Tops, and Islands

Ashley River Lumber is the place to go if you are looking for unfinished or finished wood slabs of just about any size you need. We can mill and finish your slab to your tastes for the perfect table tops, bar tops, and islands for kitchens. Our huge selection of milled slabs is a perfect way to add a piece of functional art to any room.

Each slab has its own unique features and no two are alike. Each piece has its own visual story with unique identifiers like limb crotches, light curly, sapwood spalting, worm holes, knot clusters, or other natural features that highlight the raw beauty of wood during its long growth cycle.

Slabs are also great for the experienced woodworker to break down for specific furniture parts that need matched grain directions or for re-sawing to create veneers.

Wood Slabs Are Perfect For:


Live edge wood slabs retain the natural shape and beauty of the tree. Most slabs are milled to a geometric shape, whereas a live edge wood slab is milled flat, but the edges maintain the natural shape of the tree. A tree harvested in the winter will retain its bark, whereas a tree harvested in the summer will lose its bark during the drying process. This is the closest you can come to keeping nature’s true intent alive and beautifully showcased in your home or office.


We can help you get that exact look you envision with 30+ local wood species and many finishing options. Ashley River Lumber can also take a piece of wood with deep pits and knot holes and fill them with the industry’s best epoxy, for a 3-dimensional effect that is sure to amaze.


Give us a call or use our online quote request form for live edge or straight edge wood slabs. We do our best to answer all quote requests within 24 hours and can accommodate most needs.

Please note: Due to the unique quality of live edge slabs and our large and diverse inventory. We believe it best for the customer to visit when choosing a slab. A scheduled appointment is best after letting us know what you are looking for, so give us a call today to learn more and schedule a walk through.

Want a 16 foot long 3-inch thick wood slab? Yes, we can do that! Contact us today and learn what is possible.
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