Sinker Pecky Cypress

The History of Sinker Cypress

Few people know what “Pecky” actually means, but chances are you have seen it before if you’re lucky. Pecky Cypress (and other pecky wood species) is a rare find because it typically only occurs in old-growth trees, and the process can only happen while the tree is still alive. When we cut open a Sinker Cypress log, sometimes we get lucky and find lots of irregularly shaped holes throughout the heartwood; this is what it means when we call wood picky.

Like most things that are rare and impossible to duplicate, Pecky Cypress is in high demand for its unique characteristics and beauty. We can stimulate a lot of other types of attributes in logs through time honored processes, but pecky is not one of them. If we could, we surely would.

Nature is truly amazing in its design. There is a particular fungus that gets into the heartwood of Cypress trees that creates long vertical tubes that run the length of the tree. This is why you can’t see it from the outside, it starts in the roots and over time works it’s way up. Amazingly this process does not begin until a Cypress tree is at least 125 years old! This is why Pecky Cypress is so rare.

Still, it’s worth noting that like all Cypress, Pecky Cypress is just as durable and rot/insect resistant, making it a natural wonder of beauty that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Blend into your projects to create accent focal points with our other Cypress varieties here at Ashley River Lumber. We also offer Sinker Pine and Sinker Gum for even more variation.

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