Odie’s Oils & Finishes

odie's oils

We Proudly Use Odie's Oils

Non-toxic, food safe, and naturally effective.

The Way Nature Intended

Odie’s Oil is the most natural and effective way to protect and beautify wood. Much like plants containing natural oils and waxes to protect them from harsh environmental conditions, Odies Oil is made using nature’s barrier against the elements.

Easy Maintenance

Odie’s Oil contains no toxic substances, driers, or hardeners. Their products are safe for humans and animals, making it easy to work with and maintain. You can add more without sanding between coats since the oil only penetrates where it is needed.

Resists Stains, Moisture, & Water

Odie’s motto is “Whats applied to the wood stays in the wood.” That’s because the oils and waxes completely saturate the wood, filling every pore. Just like plants nothing makes it through the barrier making it the perfect deterrent against stains from water, juice, coffee, oil, wine, etc.

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