Land & Forestry Conservation

Ashley River Lumber takes forestry conservation seriously and does everything humanly possible to protect natural habits and foster new growth so generations to come can enjoy the natural beauty and benefits of healthy woodlands. One of the many benefits of sourcing our lumber in unique ways is our ability to offer old-growth and heart lumber that is chemical-free, without felling one single tree. How do we do it? Read below and check out our Sinker Cypress and of the Sinker wood species.


How we protect the lands that give us so much

  • Select logging – we only cut what we need – no clearcutting
  • Planting trees to repopulate lands
  • Wetland mitigation and protection efforts
  • Plant more trees than we remove – working with government conservation programs
  • Lands that need to heal – put land into conservation easement – our timber properties (family-owned) to protect the wetlands of the Lowcountry
  • Source trees from tree service properties – saving from landfills
  • Schedule logging to match the lands growth cycle and land conditions
  • Promote and maintain wildlife habitats
forestry conservation

Eco-friendly Sawmill & Operations

  • Sharpen and maintain our own saws
  • Downsized saws and upgraded for better efficiency and energy conservation
  • 100% processing in house = reduced carbon foot print
  • Eco-Friendly stains and finishes
  • Reclamation
  • Storm wood salvage
  • Wood from tree companies and home owners
  • Reprocess older lumber to new, useable sizes
  • Make use of supposed “defective wood” for specialty use
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