Did You Know We Can Mill Your Wood?

let us mill your wood

You’ve cut down some trees on your property and realize there are a lot of uses for that wood. Whether you need to turn it into lumber for a building project or would like it transformed into something else useful, how can you get that done simply and efficiently? 

The answer is to mill your own wood or find someone that can help with your project. Here are some of the benefits of milling your own wood and a few things to think about when you cut down trees to get ready for the job. 

Why You Should Mill Your Own Wood

No one likes to see a perfectly good tree getting fed into a wood chipper or watch a pile of logs get hauled to the landfill. The biggest benefit to milling your own wood is that you are reusing something that could go completely to waste. 

If you work with wood or have projects on your schedule, having wood on hand is also convenient. Instead of waiting for stores to open to get what you need or searching around for sales, you can pull from your own supply. 

Considerations for Trees That You Plan to Mill

Selecting the right sawmill to transform your logs into lumber or other usable materials is vital. But, some of the choices you make before moving the logs off your property are equally important. Here are a few things you need to consider if you plan to mill your own wood. 

Log Size

Before you cut your log sections, think carefully about what you plan to do with the wood. This will impact the size of the sections you should cut. 

It’s a good idea to work in increments of 2’, adding several inches for good measure. And, the minimum length should be 6’ with at least 8” in diameter at the log’s smallest section. If your logs are smaller, they may require special consideration. 

Log Condition

Logs should be milled when they are as green as possible to get the best results. If you wait too long after a tree is felled, the amount and quality of usable lumber you’ll get is going to drop. If you need to wait a bit before milling your wood, store it about a foot off the ground. 

Foreign Objects

Some trees might have materials, such as metal objects, embedded in them. People like to use trees as an anchor for hammocks, dog runs, clotheslines, and other items. 

If you plan to cut a tree for lumber, use caution. Inspect it carefully and even run a metal detector over it to make sure that a saw blade isn’t going to hit a piece of metal and cause injury. 

Drying Time

Depending on the wood species, age and size of the log, and time of year, drying time can vary. Contact us to get an idea of how long it might take for your lumber to dry. (We know a lot about this!)

Charleston’s Local Saw Mill and Lumber Yard

Since 1952, Ashley River Lumber has been serving clients throughout the Low Country with locally-sourced wood products and lumber, and we provide wood milling services as well. If you’re ready to repurpose those logs into lumber or something else useful like countertops, tables, or benches, contact us to request a quote or for more information. 


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