Curly Sinker Cypress

Curly Sinker Cypress (also in pine and gum) has a very distinct patterned figure in the grain that appears to be “curly.”

These patterns cause a wavy, ebb and flow, pattern in the wood grain that, much like Pecky Cypress, we don’t know about until we cut a log open.

One of the neat characteristics of this rare type of wood is how the grain reflects light. It’s unlike traditional wood grain and creates a genuinely spectacular aesthetic when finished with oils and stains. This is because of the fiber walls in the wood concave and convex, so when light hits it from different angles, that curves seem to move.

Curly Cypress is quite rare, so please check with us to see if we have any in stock. We are continually replenishing our supply of Sinker, Pecky, and Curly Cypress and Pine, so check often or sign up for a newsletter to get alerts on new inventory so you can reserve what you need before everyone else.

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