Best Wood for Your Outdoor Space

If you’re getting ready to make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting with a deck, gazebo, or some custom-made furniture, the material you choose for your project matters. Some woods are treated to hold up the weather, and others are naturally resistant to harsh conditions. Here is why you should choose wood over other materials and how you can choose the best outdoor wood for your next project. 

Why Choose Wood? 

When you decide to put in a floor or create something else outside, you might have several options in materials. Why should you choose wood over tile, stone, brick, or synthetic products? Here are just a few reasons: 


One of the most important things you likely have on your list is the look of the materials. Wood has a timeless look and feel, and it is a diverse material to use for various building projects. Once you choose a species with the natural grain and tone you love, you can also enhance its look with paint or stain. 


Believe it or not, wood is an eco-friendly choice because you are continuing to use a product that absorbs carbon dioxide. Compared to other materials, wood also requires relatively little energy to process. Finally, wood is a renewable resource.


Overall, wood is a tough material that stands up to everyday wear and tear. Provided you choose the right species, it will withstand the elements well. 


Using locally-sourced wood is an excellent way to add value to your projects. You can brag that your outdoor space depicts the wood known in the area and can avoid paying the transportation and processing fees connected with overseas or cross-country wood. 

Best Wood for Outdoor Spaces

If you’re going to be keeping something outside, you want it to be resistant to insects and rot. Some wood will do a better job at this than others. 

Assuming you want to build a deck, you have multiple options. Yellow pinecedar, and redwood are common species of outdoor wood used for decks, but these are all softwoods. The wood is widely available, but you’ll need to carefully maintain it to prevent warping and damage. 

MahoganyIpeCambaraGolden Ironwood, and Red Balau are typical hardwood species that are good options for decks. But it’s important to remember that darker wood can get hot during the summer. 

Cypress is a wood species that has excellent durability due to its natural resistance to insects and rot. Finally, pressure-treated wood is another common decking material. It’s incredibly affordable, but it can also be prone to cracking and warping. 

Find the Wood You Need Locally

Looking for the right wood for your outdoor project in the Charleston, SC area? Since 1952, Ashley River Lumber has been providing locally sourced lumber and wood products to customers throughout the Lowcountry. We have more than 30 wood species to choose from and will help you find the best outdoor wood for your upcoming project. Contact us today or come by our Ridgeville location to get started. 


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