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Custom Lumber
Our sawmill is capable of sawing up to 28″ wide and up to 30′ long. We maintain a large inventory of logs at our mill in a variety of species that can be cut to meet your specific needs. Our goal is always to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner while delivering quality products. Thicknesses range from 4/4 to 12/4 in various lengths. Timbers are custom cut to any size, for example: 8″ x 8″ or 12″ x 12″ in lengths ranging up to 30′ long.

Pine Shavings
Pine Shavings are an incredibly versatile by-product of the sawing process. The uses range from farm and domestic animal bedding to large spill clean-up in the home or industrial environments. We sell saw dust by the pick-up load, semi truck load and everything in between. Orders over 20 yards can be delivered.

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Hardwood Mats
Ashley River Lumber is a leading manufacturer of hardwood lumber that is used in the construction of Transition Mats, Bridge Mats and Dragline Mats. Our hardwood mat lumber is cut to withstand heavy loads and poor ground conditions and is used widely by South Carolina’s leading mat manufacturers.  At Ashley River Lumber, we realize that emergencies come up and mat materials may be needed immediately and since we are the manufacturer, we can expedite rush orders to accommodate your needs. Mat grade lumber can be picked up at our mill or delivery can be arranged for your order.

Blocking & Shoring
Our portable shoring beams are used to stabilize a structure or excavations. When deep excavations are required, adjacent buildings, streets & equipment must be protected with strong hardwood shoring timbers. Ashley River Lumber can provide the support needed for these projects with our versatile blocking and shoring beams which are necessary when shoring for utility work trenches or blocking temporary structures or equipment.

We manufacturer rough cut truck, trailer and lowboy decking and stringers to your specifications. If you would like your planks surfaced on one side, for uniform thickness, please specify this option when requesting your quote. For strength and durability, we recommend oak for decking on equipment trailers.

Pallet Grade Lumber
At Ashley River Lumber we find a use for everything, and since we ship wood products it only make sense that we would produce pallet grade lumber. Our pallet grade hardwood lumber is used in the construction of block type, stringer, single faced and double faced pallets.

Fuel Grade Saw Dust & Bark
Ashley River Lumber produces saw dust and bark blends from byproducts which provides a renewable fuel and heating source for many production plants across the state of South Carolina. We sell our saw dust and bark blend by the truck load at a volume rate, which keeps our clients alternative energy and heating fuel source cost effective.